Borough of Thornbury Assessment of Occupiers of Land

for the Relief of the Poor 1770

Poor Assessment 1770 2017-06-18T15:35:19+00:00

This list is in one of the Thornbury Mayors’ account books in Gloucestershire Archives.  The money was collected by John Salmon who was an “Overseer of the Poor of the Burrough”.


Mrs Eliz CROWTHER 2s    6 ½d
Robert SHIPWAY for the Paddock 1 ¼d
Robert SHIPWAY for Birdleaze 2 ½d
(Mrs?) Elliott MARSH or ten. Mr(s?) TYSON for the Tanhouse  11d
Mrs Jane SPAN  2½d
Eliz BENNETT or ten. John Goodenough COSSHAM  ¾d
George COSSHAM for his dwelling house  1d
George COSSHAM or ten. BLANK  1d
George COSSHAM or ten. for Oldfields 1d
George COSSHAM or ten. for Mapsons  1d
George COSSHAM or ten. for part of Parkers  1d
George COSSHAM or ten. Hester COX for Whiteheads  ½d
Bethiah HEWITT occupied by John NIBLETT  1d
William POWELL  1d
Joseph HUDSON ½d
Mr George ROLPH for late Always 1½d
Mr George ROLPH or ten. Joseph WILLIAMS 1½d
Mr George ROLPH or ten. Hugh CLEVERLY? for Shipleys  1d
Mr George ROLPH for Awkleys  1d
Rachel SYMMONDS  ¾d
Anne CADDY for part of Kings ?1¾d
Joseph LATCH for part of Kings ?1½d
Andrew WHITFIELD for part of Kings ?1¼d
Arnold SMITH for part of Kings  1d
John LIPPIATT for part of Kings ?2¼d
Thomas GROVE for the Cyder Mill & orchard part of Kings  1¼d
Blank SWANLEY or ten. William DAVIS  1d
Robert POUNTNEY or ten. William TAYLOR for the George Inn  3½d
Daniel PITCHER for late Powells  3d
Theophilus LEWIS for his dwelling House  2d
Theophilus LEWIS or ten. William LIPPIATT  1½d
Thomas HENDY  2½d
Mr Thomas WEBB’S HEIRS or Mr(s) MILLER  1d
William WITHER for the Lords  2¼d
Benjamin ADDIS  3d
William PITCHER 1d
Benjamin PIERCE for late Swanleys ½d
Daniel THURSTON of ten. John LEWIS for Kings  1¼d
John PICK for the Parsonage 1s 10½d
Mr Edward MATTHEW for late Pontins  1½d
Mr Edward MATTHEW or Ten. John WITHER for late Daggs  1½d
Mr Edward MATTHEW for the Chantry  8d
Mr Edward MATTHEW for late Gayners 1d
Mr Edward MATTHEW for late Brutons  ¾d
Mrs Anne STONE for late Hawksworths  3d
Eliz GILLIAM for late Thurstons  ½d
Charles KINGSTON for Mabbotts  1½d
John PUTLEY for part of Wilkins  ½d
John JOHNSON or ten. John FEWSTER for part  5½d
Mr Wm TURTON or ten. John FEWSTER for late Stones 1¾d
Mr Wm TURTON or ten. Wm WISE for part  ?1½d
Henry WEARE or ten.  2d
Anne CLARK 1d
Mrs Anna BRUTON for Crooms ?½d
Mrs Anna BRUTON or ten.  1½d
Mrs Anna BRUTON for late Gibbs’s  1¾d
Richard HOBBY for Worgan Well Paddock ¼d
William HITCHINS or ten. George MOTLEY  1½d
Richard SCARLETT’S HEIRS or ten. William SEARCH 1½d
Mr John MARSH for late Stones’s  2½d
Mr John MARSH or ten. for late Neasts 4d
Mr John MARSH for late Cannings 2½d
Joseph SAUNDERS for the Bell 2d
Bradley SMITH or ten. John TAYLOR  2d
Mary BINGHAM for Baker’s Paddock  1¼d
Thomas CLARK for his dwelling house  2d
Thomas CLARK for Corner Croft  1d
Thomas CLARK for late ? Bartons  4d
Thomas CLARK for Blank  1d
Thomas CLARK or ten. Robert POUNTEY  1d
Thomas CLARK or ten. Mrs CLARK  1½d
Mr John RUDGE for Wilkins  ½d
Mr John RUDGE for late Cooksey’s  1½d
Mr John RUDGE for late Hendy’s  1d
Mr John RUDGE or ten. Mary VOWLES  1d
William GREENWOOD  2d
Joseph CHAMPNEYS  1¼d
The LORD or ten. Matthew MEREDITH for the Swan Inn  7d
The LORD or ten. Daniel FOWLER for the Paddocks  2d
Mr James VAUGHAN for the Comb & Little Blakes  2?¾d
Thomas GROVE for Shewly Leaze  2d
Thomas GROVE for the Quarry Leaze  2d
The MAYOR for the Shambles & Toll 6d
Thomas COX for late Powells  1½d
Nicholas CORNOCK or ten. John SALMON Jnr for late Linkes  2½d
Mrs Alice VAUGHAN  2d
John LONGMAN  2¾d
Mr John SALMON for late Groves’s  1½d
Mr John SALMON for late Raymonds  2d
Mr John SALMON for Cobb Hall  ¾d
Mr John SALMON for late Harris’s  1½d
Thomas GROVE for the Barn  ½d
Thomas GROVE for his dwelling house  1½d
Thomas GROVE for part of Parkers  1½d
Thomas HENDY for late Groves’s Paddock at Crossways  ¼d
Anthony WISE  1½d
Thomas SPARKS for his dwelling house  1d
Thomas SPARKS for Hamptons  1d
Thomas SPARKS for late James’s 1d
Thomas SPARKS & Timothy CHILD for late Smiths  1d
Thomas CHILD for the Old Tavern  4½d
Bradley SMITH or ten. William GROVE  2d
Jonathan BARTON for Nupfields  1d
Jonathan BARTON for late Always  7½d
Jonathan BARTON or tens. John BARTON & Benj PIERCE  2½d
Jonathan BARTON for late Davis’s  5d
William TAYLOR for late Blanches  2½d



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