Gas Rate Book for Thornbury


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No Location Occupiers Owner Description
1 Vicarage Revd Thomas Waters Revd Thomas Waters House, lawn garden etc
2 Church Street Elizabeth Brown Sir K.G. Key House, lawn, garden etc
3 Church Street Rev Leach Feoffees of House & garden
4 Kington Lane Maria Laver Sir K. G. Key House & garden
5 Stokesfield Henry Craven St John H.C. St John House, lawn, garden etc
6 Church Street George Marshman Mrs Neale House & garden
7 Church Street William Fackrell  Hannah Fackrell Mrs Neale House & garden
8 Church Street Mrs Lovesy Mrs Neale House & garden
9 Church Street Walter Davis Mrs Neale House & garden
10 Church Street William Peacock H.C. St John House & garden
11 Church Street Charles Morgan H.C. St John House & garden
12 Church Street Miss Cornock Thomas Cornock John C Gwynn House & garden
13 Church Street Edward Boyes Lonnen John C Gwynn House & garden
14 Church Street Harriett Collings Harriett Collings House & garden
15 Church Street Samuel Collings Henry Knapp House & garden
16 Church Street John Allen Henry Knapp House & garden
17 Church Street Susan Thurston John C Gwynn
18 Church Street Thomas Latter John Kidd
19 Church Street Catherine Lloyd Catherine Lloyd
20 Church Street Thomas Liddiatt Mrs Lewis House & garden
21 Church Street Edwin Bevin Henry Carter House & garden
22 Church Street Void W.G. Salmon House & garden
23 Church Street Jonah Hale Feoffees House
24 Church Street William Bailey John C Gwynn Hous
25 Church Street Nathaniel Bartlett John C Gwynn House
26 Church Street John Rumbold John C Gwynn House
27 Church Street George Ponting Alfred Collings House
28 Church Street William Powell William Powell House
29 Church Street Mrs Boulton William Williams House
30 Church Street Thomas Powell William Williams House
31 Church Street Ann Bevan Miss Gibbs House
32 Church Street John Powell Henry Knight House
33 Church Street Anselm Harvey William White House & garden
34 Church Street Joseph James Late Thomas Crossman House
35 Church Street Void Thomas Eddington Late Thomas Crossman House
36 Church Street Thomas Eddington Late Thomas Crossman House
37 Church Street Thomas Eddington Late Thomas Crossman House
38 Church Street Thomas Eddington Late Thomas Crossman House
39 Church Street Francis Driscoll Francis Driscoll House
40 Church Street William Hurd Francis Driscoll House
41 Church Street Hester Arthurs James & Hester Arthurs House
42 Church Street Miss Cornock John Powell House
43 Church Street Manager of Savings Bank Managers of Savings Bank House
44 Church Street Henry Knapp Henry Knapp House
45 Church Street Elizabeth Cornock Elizabeth Cornock House & garden
46 Church Street Charles A Porter Samuel Petvin House & garden
47 Church Street Ruth Taylor Sarah Beard House & garden
48 Church Street Charles Olds Richard Scarlett House & garden
49 Church Street Sarah Penduck Sarah Penduck House & garden
50 Church Street Joseph Smith Joseph Smith House
51 Church Street Joseph Smith Joseph Smith House
52 The Plain William Smith E.V. Jenkins House
53 The Plain Edward Mills Grace Nicholas Grove House & garden
54 The Plain Messrs Crossman & Lloyd Martin William Hooper House & garden
55 The Plain Void Nicholas Grove House & garden
56 The Plain Void Nicholas Grove House & garden
57 The Plain Sarah Beard Sarah Beard House & garden
58 The Plain Mark Savery Mary Ann House & garden
59 The Plain Walter Hall James Knapp House & yard
60 The Plain John Williams John Williams House & garden
61 The Plain H T Taylor Mark C. Meredith House & garden
62 The Plain Mrs Walker Mark C. Meredith House & garden
63 The Plain John Knapp Mark C. Meredith House & garden
64 The Plain William Bevan William Bevan House & garden
65 The Plain William Bevan William Bevan House
66 The Plain Anne Edwards William Bevan House
67 The Plain John Luce Mrs Eley House
68 The Bank Strode Smith Messrs Harwood Hatch etc House & garden
69 Front Street Charles Putley Charles Putley House
70 Front Street Walter Ellis E.B. Lonnen House
71 Front Street George Poole Mark C Meredith House
72 Front Street John Ogborn W.O. Maclaine House & garden
73 Front Street Josiah Hall James Hall House & garden
74 Front Street Void Henry Howard House
75 Front Street Samuel Smith Harriett Collings House
76 Front Street John Marshall Harriett Collings House
77 Front Street William Henry Councell W. H. Councell House, lawn & garden
78 Front Street Revd Robinson W.H. Councell House
79 Front Street Henry Bones Late John Hendy House
80 Front Street Aaron B Marsh Henry Davis House
81 Front Street Obed E Thurston Henry James Dodd House
82 Front Street Mrs Ford Mrs Ford House & garden
83 Front Street Sarah Ann White S. A. White House & garden
84 Front Street Mrs Parfitt Mrs Parfitt House & garden
85 Front Street Eliza Embley Eliza Embley House
86 Front Street Sarah Walker Sarah Walker House
87 Front Street Jane Brown Corporation House
88 Front Street George Adams Corporation House
89 Front Street James Screen W. C. Shepherd House
90 Front Street George Morgan O.E. Thurston House
91 Front Street Obed E Thurston O.E. Thurston House & garden
92 Front Street Joseph Sturge Young W.O. Maclaine House, lawn etc
93 Front Street Void Mrs Bruton House
94 Front Street Mrs Bruton Mrs Bruton House
95 Front Street Miss Collings Miss Collings House
96 Front Street Richard James Miss Raymond House
97 Front Street Stephen Hignell Mrs  Ford House
98 Front Street James Williams James Williams House
99 Front Street Ann Morgan & Unice Powell Sarah Jones House
100 Front Street Edwin Williams John Williams House & garden
101 Front Street John Champion Corporation House & garden
102 Front Street Mrs Cossham Mrs Cossham House & garden
103 Front Street James Williams John Williams House
104 Front Street John Sanigar John Williams House
105 Front Street Elizabeth Moore S.F. Barrow House, lawn & garden etc
106 Front Street Void Edward Wise House & garden
107 Front Street Void Edward Wise House & garden
108 Front Street George White Edward Wise House & garden
109 Front Street John Brown Edward Wise House & garden
110 Front Street George Fry Edward Wise House & garden
111 Front Street William Chambers William Chambers House & garden
112 Front Street Mrs Shield Mrs Shield House & garden
113 Front Street Jesse Cossham Jesse Cossham House & garden
114 Front Street William Vowles William Vowles House & premises
115 Back Street Emma Honeyborne Henry Honeyborne House etc
116 Chapel Street Thomas Facey Eliza Tanner House
117 Chapel Street Void Eliza Tanner House
118 Chapel Street George Cornock Eliza Tanner House
119 Front Street Hugh Smart Eliza Tanner House
120 Front Street Frederick Jones Frederick Jones House
121 Front Street George Spill Frederick Jones House
122 Front Street Ann Michael Charlotte Morgan House
123 Front Street Charlotte Morgan Charlotte Morgan House
124 The Beaufort Arms Edward Luce late John Thurston House & yard
125 Front Street James Virgo George Butler House
126 Front Street William Clark William Clark House & garden
127 Front Street Thomas Hignell Stephen Hignell House & yard
128 Front Street Stephen Applegate Mrs Surridge House & yard
129 Front Street George Chambers George Chambers House & garden
130 Front Street William Shepherd Late J. Carwardine House & yard
131 Front Street Edward Charles Ellis Jane Ellis House & yard
132 Front Street Ann Anstey Ann Anstey House
133 Front Street George Lane George Lane House
134 Front Street Richard Scarlett Richard Scarlett House office etc
135 Police Station Emanuel Arthurs County of Gloucester House garden etc
136 Silver Street Thomas Ponting Messrs Arnold & Co House & yard
137 Silver Street W.G. & P Salmon W.G. & P Salmon House & garden
138 Silver Street Daniel Rackett Harriett Mawley House
139 Silver Street Harriett Mawley Harriett Mawley House
140 Front Street Void Harriett Mawley House
141 Front Street Sweetman Mrs Cossham House
142 Front Street Henry Trayhurn Harriett Mawley House
143 Front Street Alfred Collings Feoffees House
144 Front Street William Henry Councell W.H. Councell House
145 Front Street Messrs Yates & Mullings E.G. Councell House & premises
146 Front Street Charles King Charles King House & garden
147 Front Street Joseph Ford Joseph Ford House
148 Front Street Henry Gayner Feoffees House
149 The Swan Inn Samuel Crew Samuel Crew House & premises
150 Front Street Charles Olds Charles Olds House
151 Front Street Thomas Ricketts Hannah Jenkins House & yard
152 Front Street Edward Boyes Lonnen E.B. Lonnen House
153 Front Street Edward Boyes Lonnen Henry James Dodd House
154 Front Street Catherine Davis Catherine Davis House
155 Front Street John Williams Jnr John Williams House
156 Front Street Aaron Tidman Aaron Tidman House
157 Front Street Aaron Tidman Aaron Tidman House
158 Front Street Henry Bones Aaron Tidman House
159 Front Street James Vaughan Mrs Eley House


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