Prewetts Directory of Thornbury


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“Prewett’s Directory of Thornbury 1916” was produced by Albert Prewett whose family owned the printers stationers and newsagents business at 22 High Street in Thornbury for many years.  Descendants of this family still run the shop today.   Click here to read more about the family of Albert Prewett


Surname First Name House Name Road Occupation
Bell T Hollytree Bristol Road
Mahagan H Lower Lodge Bristol Road
Mundy Major B The Farm Bristol Road
Vaughan C de C Marlwood Grange Bristol Road
Weare J Marlwood Lodge Bristol Road
Wicks J G The Cedars Bristol Road
Wills W Marlwood Farm Bristol Road
Baylis H Bull’s Eye Lane Carrier
Jefferies H Bull’s Eye Lane
Maggs P Bull’s Eye Lane
Savery J Bull’s Eye Lane
Sherborne H Bull’s Eye Lane
Short W Bull’s Eye Lane
Smith E Bull’s Eye Lane
Stockden U Bull’s Eye Lane
Thorn J The Baths Bull’s Eye Lane
Williams G Bull’s Eye Lane
Williams E Bull’s Eye Lane
Ball L Castle Street
Barge J Castle Street
Bennett R A The Park Castle Street
Bond J H Castle Street Cycle agent
Brooks Mrs Castle Street
Bryant W C Gas House Castle Street
Brown W Pound Cottage Castle Street
Cornock Miss Castle Street
Cornwall Rev Canon A W The Vicarage Castle Street
Cullimore A S Castle Street
Dager H Castle Lodge Castle Street
Dyer F Castle Street
Eddington W Castle Street Tailor
Fill T G School House Castle Street
Fudge S Castle Street Surveyor to Castle Estate
Gale H S Castle Street postman
Gale Mrs Castle Street Shopkeeper
Gale W Castle Street Postman
Gallop Mrs Castle Street
Gillett Hon Mrs Thornbury House Castle Street
Hall G Castle Street Plumber
Hawkes C The Hatch Castle Street
Henson W Castle stables Castle Street
Hodges Mrs Castle Street
Howard A H S Thornbury Castle Castle Street
Jenkinson Lady Stokefield Castle Street
Lloyd Mrs Castle Street
Lloyd E C Castle Street
Mason F S Castle Street Gardener
Mills R Castle Street House Decorator
Morley A Castle Street
Ogborn Miss Bank Cottage Castle Street
Pearce T Castle Street Greengrocer
Penduck W E Castle Street Cabinet maker
Pitcher E W Castle Street Solicitor’s Clerk
Powers G Castle Street
Reeves Mrs Castle Street
Reeves Miss Castle Street Dressmaker
Rugman A Castle Street
Sage A Castle Street
Sainsbury J & son Castle Street Painters & Decorators
Salmon R Castle Street
Smith Mrs Castle Street
Smith T C & Son Castle Street Tailors Etc
Stafford R Castle Street
Staley R E Park Mill Farm Castle Street
Stone G Castle Lodge Castle Street
Taylor Mrs Castle Street
Thurston H J Rectory Cottage Castle Street Carpenter and Parish Clerk
Watson W R Castle Street Veterinary Surgeon
Wetmore Mrs Castle Street
Wilcox J R Park Lodge Castle Street
Williams L H Oriel house Castle Street Physician and Surgeon
Wrenn Major J H The Chantry Castle Street
Wright Rev C H T Castle Street
Burrows A Chapel Street Shoemaker
Cann F Chapel Street
Howes D J Wheatsheaf Chapel Street
Prewett J Chapel Street
Sims W Chapel Street
Till A Chapel Street
Underhill Mrs Chapel Street
Williams F J Chapel Street Architect
Beaumont F H Gillingstool
Burrows J Gillingstool
Camble Rev E C Gillingstool
Cornock W Gillingstool
Davis H Gillingstool
Dixon M Gillingstool
Eyles W Gillingstool
Gill A Jubilee House Gillingstool Engine Driver
Grant G Gillingstool
Grant S G Black Horse Gillingstool
Kirby W Gillingstool
Legge G W Gillingstool
Liddiatt Mrs F Gillingstool
Liddiatt H Gillingstool Watchmaker
Matthews W Gillingstool
Murray E E Gillingstool
Prosser A Gillingstool
Rugman Mrs Gillingstool
Savery H Gillingstool
E Morgan Thornbury Brick and Tile Works Gillingstool
Tilley W Gillingstool
Wheeler E Gillingstool
Woodward H Gillingstool
Allen H Gloucester Road
Alpass Miss Heath View Gloucester Road
Barker K. Gloucester Road Veterinary Surgeon
Bennett Mrs Gloucester Road
Bennett S.J Gloucester Road Surveyor
Bishop F Gloucester Road
Boulton H D Gloucester Road Registrar of Births & Deaths
Burchell F H Gloucester Road Solicitor’s Clerk
Crane F J Gloucester Road Workhouse Master
Cullimore E Shen Gloucester Road Timber Merchant
Cullimore Mrs Gloucester Road
Davis C H Gloucester Road County Court Bailiff
Davis W Gloucester Road
Dennis S W Gloucester Road Schoolmaster
Dixon Mrs Gloucester Road
Garrett A Gloucester Road
Grace F H West Shen Gloucester Road
Higgins A Workhouse Lodge Gloucester Road
Howell F K Gloucester Road Monumental Sculptor
Monks E Gloucester Road
Morris H Gloucester Road
Phelps C Gloucester Road
Pitcher W W & Sons Gloucester Road Builders Undertakers & Coachbuilders
Pitcher Mrs Gloucester Road
Pitcher W Mrs Gloucester Road
Ross C H Gloucester Road
Sainsbury W Y The Coombe Gloucester Road
Sanigar Miss Gloucester Road
Shepperd W J Gloucester Road Accountant
Symes C Gloucester Road Cooper & Seedsman
Thomason J Gloucester Road Schoolmaster
Tucker G Gloucester Road
Till Mrs The Elms Gloucester Road
Williams J & sons Gloucester Road Tailors
Williams F J Gloucester Road
Ann Miss High Street Preparatory School
Anstey T High Street Spirit Merchant
Baggs A High Street Dairyman
Balls Mrs High Street Hairdresser
Blizzard W J High Street Hairdresser and tobacconist
Brown E High Street South Gloucestershire Chronicle Office
Bruton Miss High Street
Bryant B W High Street Draper and Milliner
Bush Miss High Street Schoolmistress
Butt E & Son High Street Grocers & Provision Merchants
Carter R High Street Postman Poultry-Brook
Lawrence W Castle Temperance Hotel High Street Proprietor of Hotel
Chambers J T Rosemount High Street Organist
Champion Mrs High Street
Councell & sons High Street Grocers & Provision Merchants
Cox A High Street
Cullimore J C High Street
Davies F W High Street Sanitary Inspector
Exell T High Street Grocer
Gayner S High Street
Gayner & son High Street General Drapers
Hall F J White Lion Hotel High Street
Heard H Queen’s Head High Street
Honeyborne A W High Street
Honeyborne J P High Street Grocer & Provision Merchant
Huins A C High Street Boot Store
Hunter A High Street Gardener
James E High Street Tailor
Johnstone Rev W High Street
Jones Miss High Street
Long Mrs High Street
Luce, Young & Alpass High Street Auctioneers, Surveyors, Land & Estate Agents
Michael J M High Street
O’Reily Mrs High Street Newsagent etc
Parsons Bros High Street Butchers
Palmer J Spencer High Street Chemist & Dentist
Pavey J High Street Saddler etc
Pegg W S Swan Hotel High Street
Phelps J E High Street Surgeon’s Assistant
Phillips G High Street
Pitcher A C High Street Postmaster
Pitcher A E High Street
Pitcher L High Street
Ponting E J High Street Plumber
Poole F C High Street Photographer
Prewett A High Street Printer Stationer Bookbinder &etc
Rhind T High Street Medical Officer of Health
Sainsbury Mrs High Street Confectioner
Stedman A High Street Watchmaker
Smith R H Exchange Hotel High Street
Symes F High Street Saddler
Symes G B High Street Tailor & Breeches Maker
Talbot & Co High Street Drapers Milliners & Dressmakers
Taylor J High Street butcher
Thompson A E High Street Pastry-cook & Confectioner
Thornbury Coal Co High Street
Thurston H P Park House High Street
Thurston L T Park House High Street
Thurston & Jolly High Street Solicitors
Trayhurn R High Street Baker & Confectioner
Underhill E J High Street Clerk
Underhill Mrs High Street Draper & Dressmaker
Vaughan J High Street Police Sergeant
Warren R R High Street Relieving Officer
Weatherhead E P High Street Draper & Outfitter
Wilkins A H High Street Draper Milliner Glass & China Stores
Williams A High Street Refreshment Rooms
Williams F High Street Assistant Overseer
Williams F & Son High Street Brushmakers & Seedsmen
Williams W J High Street
Withers R High Street Coach Proprietor
Yarnold W High Street Watchmaker & Jeweller
Bennett W Horse Shoe Lane
Burns W H Horse Shoe Lane
Clutterbuck J Horse Shoe Lane Postman
Cornock G Horse Shoe Lane
Cornock & Rugman Horse Shoe Lane Chimney Sweepers
Harvey H Horse Shoe Lane
Ongley Mrs Horse Shoe Lane
Purnell E Horse Shoe Lane
Riddiford A Horse Shoe Lane Insurance Agent
Salisbury W Horse Shoe Lane
Walker Mrs Horse Shoe Lane
Watkins W V Horse Shoe Lane Nurseryman
Bell T St John Street
Alger Rev J B Clovelly St John Street
Carwardine Mrs Mutton Lane
Champion W St John Street
Clark R St John Street Ex-Police Sergeant
Cook G St John Street
Davis Mrs St John Street Dressmaker
Driscol F St John Street
Driscol Mrs St John Street
English Mrs St John Street Dressmaker
English T St John Street Baker & Confectioner
Gill A (junior) St John Street
Grace E M St John Street Physician & Surgeon
Harmer E St John Street
Higgins O St John Street Ironmonger Blacksmith & Coalmerchant
Higgins W St John Street Gardner
Hodges J A St John Street
Holly F Mutton Lane
Huish Mrs St John Street
Lewis A St John Street Insurance Agent
Liddiatt & Co St John Street Fishmonger
Liddiatt W T St John Street
Mills Mrs St John Street
Mogford C St John Street Oilman
Oates J T St John Street
Phillips Mrs St John Street
Pullen Mrs St John Street
Sainsbury F St John Street
Shipton W St John Street
Smith Mrs St John Street
Spill S St John Street Postman
Stinchcombe W St John Street
Stone A St John Street
Thorn G St John Street
Thorne J (junior) St John Street
Trayhurn A E St John Street
Tucker Bros St John Street Builders Contractors & Undertakers
Tucker F St John Street
Underhill Mrs
Wall W St John Street Grocer
Williams G M St John Street County Court Clerk
Wiltshire Mrs St John Street
Bendall H Raglan Castle Road
Bendall W Raglan Castle Road
Cook W (junior) Raglan Castle Road
Collins Mrs Raglan Castle Road
Cooper C Raglan Castle Road Station Master
Gregory W Raglan Castle Road
Hopkins G Raglan Castle Road Junior Postman
Hughes J Raglan Castle Road
Phillips W A Streamleaze
Sainsbury R Raglan Castle Road
Screen Mrs Raglan Castle Road
Vizard Miss Raglan Castle Road
Webb W Raglan Castle Road
Bendall Miss Rock Street
Cole G Rock Street
Dixon L Rock Street
Dixon M Rock Street
Gough Mrs Rock Street
Harris W Rock Street
Horsman G Rock Street
Jefferies C Rock Street
Jefferies Mrs Rock Street
Long Mrs Rock Street
Smart Mrs Rock Street
Smith L Rock Street Lodging House Keeper
Taylor T Rock Street
Tuck J Rock Street
Walker F Rock Street
Webb H Rock Street
Williams E Rock Street Carpenter
Willcox W Rock Street
Ford J Porter Stores Silver Street Carrier
Fry Mrs Silver Street
Hillier A C Silver Street Superintendent Prudential Insurance Co
Williams M Silver Street Carpenter
Barge S St Mary Street Billposter
Brown F St Mary Street
Clutterbuck W H St Mary Street Shopkeeper
Cole Mrs J St Mary Street
Cook W St Mary Street
Cripps E F The Plough St Mary Street
Davis J St Mary Street Umbrella Repairer
Gazzard E St Mary Street
Gough F St Mary Street
Hadley W C St Mary Street Grocer
Harris G St Mary Street
Hawkins P G St Mary Street Builder & House Decorator
Hill G St Mary Street Glass & China Dealer
Hurn C St Mary Street
Lambert Mrs St Mary Street
Liddiatt W St Mary Street Gardener
Luce Mrs Church Institute St Mary Street
Maishment W St Mary Street
Pearce Mrs St Mary Street
Poulton M St Mary Street Chimney Sweeper
Powell C St Mary Street
Powell T St Mary Street Marine Store Dealer
Radford J St Mary Street
Roberts C H St Mary Street Baker
Screen J St Mary Street
Shepherd Mrs St Mary Street
Smith G St Mary Street
Smith Mrs St Mary Street
Stinchcombe C St Mary Street
Trayhurn H St Mary Street
Trayhurn Mrs St Mary Street
White C St Mary Street
Williams C H St Mary Street
Williams G St Mary Street
Allen W J The Plain Boot & Shoe Maker
Bartlett J The Plain Butcher
Bevan Mrs The Plain Boot & Shoe Maker
Crossman & Co The Plain Solicitors
Davies T L The Plain Physician & Surgeon
Dolling E R The Plain Manager Old Bank
Hek F The Plain
Knight Mrs The Plain
Phipps S Royal George The Plain
Savery & Son The Plain Ironmongers & Machinists
Southcott J The Plain Hairdresser & Tobacconist
Symes G The Plain Ironmonger & General Smith
Trayhurn Messrs The Plain Butchers
Williams J H The Plain Outfitter

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