The adverts used by James Spencer Palmer deserve a page of their own.

Spencer Palmer advert 1900Simple – but informative telling you where he worked in Bristol and where he is located in Thornbury




Spencer Palmer dentist 1897One that makes you think:
What treatment did you get for ‘A Single Tooth’?
What does a ‘New Spring’ do?
How did he achieve a ‘painless extraction’ without the use of gas?

And then four thumbnails below.  Click on them to see the full image.
In the first image, the sign above the shop shows James is claiming to have been the ‘Chemists to the late Queen’ (Victoria).  We apologise that the second and third images below are of poor quality.  We particularly like the reference in the third image where James points out that ‘Plenty of People can publish their Portraits, but they cannot all put the word DENTIST after their names’

James Spencer Palmer outside shop James Spencer Palmer newspaper advert  Spencer Palmer advert 1913_smallGazette 1921 7th may Spencer Palmer advert