Despite our best efforts Thornbury Roots has been slow to load and has hit various problems in recent months.  We have come to accept that it is just too big a website for its own good.  For this reason we have decided to create a new simple website called Thornbury Roots 2 which will run alongside Thornbury Roots but which will contain all the church history, the memorial inscriptions, details of vicars and ministers and our pages of Rate Books, Land Tax and the like.  So far we are pleased that the photographs and tables on the new website are more responsive and faster loading. Even better news is that it is now much easier and faster to search our trade directories for information,  You won’t immediately see the improvement in Thornbury Roots loading time because the old pages are still there.  We will take them away gradually as we reassure ourselves that nothing is lost.  We hope you will hardly notice that there is a separate website because we are putting in links so that you can move between the two as easily as we can contrive. Please try Thornbury Roots 2 and let us know how you get on.  See the new website