Attwells coat of arms

“The Thornburian” magazine published in July 1945 listed the following former pupils now serving their country. 


Hampshire Regt.  J. Clarke
R.A.V.C.  B. Watson
R.A.F.  C. Meredith, V. Oates, C. Morris, V. Harding, N. Salisbury, J. Newman, C. Coward, F. Champion, L. Taylor, G. Hulbert, C. Hulbert, H. Holpin, J. Dennis D.S.O. D.F.C., T. Poole, T. Price, R. Hand, R. Eacott, D. Bayliss, J. Leaky, R. Moss, N. Batten, J. May, C. Lewis, C. Simmons, C. Vaisey, L. Knight, C. Hibbott, R. Hopkins, E. Eddington, Mr Cudmore, E. Eacott, W. Vizard, E. Watkins, J. Bruton, C. Daldry, J. Pitt, J. Sheppard, H. Court, D. Nation, K. Beszant, J. Hayward, D. Williams, R. Smith, P. Daldry, J. Watkins, R. Barton, A. Hills, A. Pitt, R. Eacott, E. Hulbert, C. Hook, H. Gould, R. Smith, E. Coster, C. Heath and L. Pearce
A.T.S.  Joyce Skuse, Jean Speller, Joyce Clarke, Norah Watkins, Mona Gallivan, Barbara Bruton, Alianora Webb, S. Appleby, K. Maggs, P. Burcombe and S. McDonald
W.A.A.F.  Mary Bryant, Brenda Pullin, Hazel Lansdowne, Shirley Thompson, Mary Travell, Amy Carter and Mary Nichols
W.R.N.S.  Cynthia Dearing, I. Gough, Joyce Bruton and R. Poole
Army Nursing Service.  Doreen Williams
R.A.S.C.  R. Ball W. Lewis, J. Lansdowne, D. Trayhurn and A. Garrett
F.A.A.  T. Godwin, J. Lambert D.S.M., T. Lanham, H. Knight and R. Morris
R.A.M.C.  H. Lewis and L. Dearing
R.N.  M. Hutchinson, K. Sheppard, W. Phillips, P. Stockham, I. Lanham, A. Symes, H. Foyster, W. Hibbott, N. Ashcroft, A. Pitcher, F. Cunningham, L. Powell, R. Wilcox, N. Cunningham, J. King, F. Midwinter, E. Slade, H. Appleby, I Rugg, D Thomas, J. Lydford, P. Weeks, D. Dearing and E. Pitt
R.T.C.  L. Stovold, V. O’Neill and D. Hitchings
S.L.I.   C. Coster
Devons.  D. Lansdowne
Glos. Regt.  K. Poole, R. Collins M.N., P. Eacott, J. Batty, A. H. Smith and Lt. H Tymms
Royal Corps of Signals.  J Hosken, C. Jacobs, H. Batt and R. Blanchard
Leicester Regt.  K. Wright
Royal Glos. Hussars  A.C.C.  A. Ponting
M.N.  G. Panes and P. Hewes
R.M.  C. Lambert
Gurkha Rifles.   D.T. Owens
R.A.   S. Hunt, R. Ford, W. Fossett, J. Maggs, D. Bennett, J. Skinner, F. Irskine, W. Speller, M. Bull, H. B. Lee and K Pennington
R.E.  D. Hawkins, Mr Sagar, E. Pitcher, R. Curtis, I. Mersch, D. Brooks and G. Gingell
Reconnaissance Corps W. Appleby, and C. Carry
R.A.O.C.  C. Allen, D. Watkins, L. Cunningham, J. Clutterbuck and J Bennett
R.A.C.  H. Stanton, C. Jacobs, J. Panes, Mr Garnish and A. Daniell
R.E.M.E.  E. Hook, C. Clements, A. Nash and G. Slade
Somersets Airborne Division. G. Carter and J. Midwinter

(N.B. in December 1944 a similar list also showed Intelligence Corps. D Hosken, R. R. Organ and Commandos. J Betty )

Roll of Honour.  Sergeant Mervyn Burns (R.A.F.), Sergeant Royce Victor Gazzard (R.A.F.). Sergeant James Brace (R.A.F.), Sergeant Eric Williams (R.A.F.), Sergeant Douglas Garn (R.A.F.), Sergeant Frank Burns (R.A.F.), Flying Officer Paul Mercer (R.A.F.), Flying Officer Geoffrey Hartley (R.A.F.), Norman Taylor (Merchant Navy), Captain Hedley Clark (Royal Marines), Sergeant Hugh Powell (R.A.F.), Lance Bombardier Jack Williams (Maritime R.A.), Lance Corporal John Nation (R.T.C.) and Sergeant Brian Dennis (R.A.F).