The following list of men and women serving in the Forces was taken from two separate lists:  The first list was printed in the Gazette dated 16th January 1915 and the second list was printed in the Bristol Times and Mirror on 25th December 1915.  The names shown with an * indicate those names which only appear in the second list.  We have used the full name (taken from the second list) to replace the initials and surname (given in first list) where appropriate.

Royal Navy

Maurice Abrahams A.B. H.M.S. Jupiter
Albert Andrews Petty Officer 2nd Class H.M.S. Albion
A. N. Clark*
George Croome Stoker H.M.S. Indefatigable
Archibald Fill 1st Writer H.M.S. Caesar
Herbert Gallop A.B. H.M.S. Commonwealth
Norman Grace*
Charles Hawker Stoker H.M.S. Aurora
Sydney Hawker Petty Officer, Stoker H.M.S. Cornwall
Tom James*
George Jones A.B. Portsmouth
Thomas Lambert Petty Officer H.M.S. Leopard
Frank Lanfear A.B. H.M.S. Revenge
Albert Mills A.B. H.M.S. Benbow
F. C. Mundy*
Albert Neal A.B. H.M.S. Prince George
George Neal A.B. killed in action H.M.S. Monmouth
Jack Oates*
Frederick Pritchard R.M.L.I. Portsmouth
Victor Pritchard Leading Seaman H.M.S. Oak
Walter Rugman Leading Stoker H.M.S. Newcastle
J.H. Ryan*
Tom Stinchcombe A.B. H.M.S. Faulkener
Herbert Underdown*
George Vizzard Stoker H.M.S. Magnificent


The Army

Edward Allen 6th Leinster Regt.
Richard Anstey Royal Glos. Hussars
Charles Ball Wounded 1st Gloucesters
John Ball*
T. Ball*
Kenneth Barker Remount Department
J. D. Barnes*
Thomas Barton Military Police
Percy Baylis 8th Batt.  Welsh Regiment
R.A. Bennett Lieutenant (Captain by Dec 1915) Royal Glos. Hussars
Dennis Beszant R.F.A.
Stanley Beszant*
Herbert Billett 3rd Gloucesters
William Billett*
P. Bouskill Corporal (Sergt in Dec 1915) “Bristol’s Own”
J. Bowerman Corporal “Bristol’s Own”
H. Bowyer*
Edwin Boyt*
Hubert Brock 7th Gloucesters
Thomas Brock*
Fred Brooks 7th City of London
W. Brooks*
W. Bruton “Bristol’s Own”
Edward Burchell*
Robert Burchell*
Albert E. Burrows R.F.A.
Harry. H. Burrows Sergt (killed in action by Dec 1915) 1st Gloucesters
John Burrows Lance Corporal (killed in action by Dec 1915) 2nd Gloucesters
Reginald Butt*
Charles Clarke Private 3rd Gloucesters
Charles A. Clark*
H. Clutterbuck  (Huntsman or Harry) 6th Gloucesters
H. Clutterbuck  (Huntsman or Harry) 4th Gloucesters
James Clutterbuck 4th Gloucesters
A. Coates*
Thomas Commeline South African Defence Force
Colonel Commeline*
Charles Cooper 6th Gloucesters
Thomas Cornock*
Dudley Cullimore R.A.M.C.
Smart Cullimore* Captain
Dr Davies*
George Davis R.F.A.
W. Davis*
Austin Dixon*
Henry W Domoney Signaller – wounded 3rd Somerset Light Infantry
W. J. English*
Edwin Exell Killed in action Somerset Light Infantry
Hubert Exell R.F.A.
Tom Exell*
W. Exell 4th Dragoons Guards Reserve
Charles Ford 4th Gloucesters
George Ford A.S.C.
John Ford R.F.A.
Albert E. Gallop R.F.A.
Frederick Gallop R.F.A.
George Gallop 7th Gloucesters
Harold Gallop Somerset Light Infantry
William Gallop R.F.A.
R. Gayner R.A.M.C.
Colin Garrett R.G.H.
John Gibson*
Alfred Gill*
Evelyn Gill*
Hector Gill R.A.M.C.
C. R. Gillett Captain (Major in Dec 1915) R.G.A.
C. M. George Gillett (Lieutenant in Dec 1915) Public School Corps
Mervyn Grace*
Sidney Grant*
William Gregory*
Godfrey Hall “Bristol’s Own”
John E. Harris 4th Gloucesters
F. W. Hawker*
W. Henson R.G.H. Reserve
Claude Higgins R.A.M.C.
Luke Higgs 3rd Gloucesters
W.N. Hodgson
William Holpin*
Victor Horseman*
Algar Howard Lieutenant R.G.H.
E. Huckle 4th Gloucesters
F.Charles Hughes (killed in action)
F.E. Hurcombe 11th Hussars
Fred Hurn*
Tom James*
Alfred W. Jefferies Lance Corporal 4th Dragoon Guards
Frederick Jefferies R.F.A.
George H. Jefferies 17th Lancers
Harry Jefferies 11th Hussars
Sidney Jefferies*
R. Jenkins Captain 7th Dragoon Guards
W. Johnstone “Bristol’s Own”
C. Kirby 4th Gloucesters
Edwin Knapp*
T. Robert Knapp Ordnance
George Lambert*
William Lambert*
Elijah Lanfear Lance corporal King’s Royal Rifles
Nimrod Lanfear*
W. G. Lansdown*
Percy Liddiatt*
Edmund Lloyd 2nd Lieutenant R.F.A.
W. Longden*
William Longman*
Albert Mahagan*
Dennis Mahagan A.S.C.
H. Marley R.A.M.C.
G. Masters Captain R.F.A.
Edward Messenger*
John Mills*
Austin Mundy Cavalry Reserve
Charles Mundy*
Frederick Mundy*
Ernest Murray 4th Gloucesters
James Neal*
Frank Neal*
F. Nelmes*
John Oates Sergt. Major 8th Somerset Light Infantry
C. A. Ongley Corporal R.F.A.
John Ongley*
Hugh Owen*
Charles Parsons*
Herbert Parsons R.G.H.
E. Pearce*
W.S. Pegg Corporal R.G.H.
Archie Penduck R.A.M.C.
Hector Penduck (deceased by Dec 1915) R.A.M.C.
A. E. Phelps*
John Phelps*
R. Phelps R.A.M.C.
F. Pollard 7th Gloucesters
William Poole 4th Gloucesters
Walter J. Poole 12th Gloucesters
A. S. Poulton*
Charles Prewett Wounded 1st Gloucesters
Harry Prewett A.S.C.
Jesse Pritchard (deceased by Dec 1915) 1st Gloucesters
Gilbert Pritchard 1st Gloucesters
G. Pritchard R.F.A.
William Prosser R.A.M.C.
Austin Purnell 2nd Gloucesters
Levi Purnell*
W. G. Rabley 10th Middlesex
John Radford 4th Gloucesters
Albert Reeves*
Dr Rhind*
A. Riddiford* (possibly Austin)
A. Riddiford  (possibly Austin) 4th Gloucesters
Edward Roach 1st Gloucesters
Fred Rugman*
James Rugman
Victor Rugman R.F.A.
G. Sage*
Arthur Salmon R.A.M.C.
T. Sansum 4th Gloucesters
Ewart Savery*
William C. Savery Corporal 2nd Welsh Regiment
A. W. Sealey 4th Gloucesters
William Shepherd*
E. Skuse
G. Skuse*
H. Skuse 7th Gloucesters
Arthur Smith 4th South African M.R.
George Smith 3rd Dorsets
William Smith South African Defence Forces
St John Captain R.N.
G. Stockden*
S. Stockden 8th Welsh Regt.
Tom Summers*
Archie Symes R.A.M.C.
Cecil Symes R.A.M.C.
Frank Symes R.G.H.
Maurice Symes R.G.H. Reserves
Hubert Tandy (killed in action by Dec 1915) 2nd Gloucesters
Joseph Tandy (killed in action by Dec 1915) 3rd Gloucesters
Frank Taylor*
F. H. Taylor*
William Thorne R.F.A.
Edward Thurston R.A.M.C.
Dr Hugo Thurston Colonel R.A.M.C.
Albert Trayhurn*
Roy Trayhurn R.G.H.
Victor Trayhurn 8th Royal Sussex
William Trayhurn 1st Gloucesters
Charles Underhill 1st Gloucesters
Frank Underhill R.A. M.C.
Thomas Underhill*
Hubert de C. Vaughan*
F. Vizard*
Albert Walker
Alfred Walker Killed in action Grenadier Guards
Frederick Walkey Wounded R.F.A.
George Walkley R.F.A.
Edward Watts*
Stanley Weatherhead R.A.M.C.
Ernest Webb 10th Gloucesters
H. Weeks R.A.M.C.
William Whiteman 2nd Gloucesters
Jack Wilcox Bugler 19th Hussars
John R. Wilcox 4th Gloucesters
G. Williams 2nd Lieutenant Bristol University O.T.C.
Robert G. Williams*
Joseph Williams*
A. C. H. Wiltshire*
A. T. Workman*
Rev. C.H.T. Wright*
Reggie Yarnold R.A.M.C.
Victor Yarnold*


Red Cross Nurses in France

Elizabeth Exell
Evelyn Exell
Lily Exell
Grantley King