Money was raised in Thornbury for the purpose of sending each soldier and sailor from the town a Xmas parcel and over 200 were sent out.

Each parcel contained a Christmas card, one tin of gingerbread biscuits 50 cigarettes, one khaki handkerchief, and one tablet of soap provided out of the money subscribed and in addition one pair of socks made and given by the ladies knitting party in connection with the Thornbury working party.

In the Royal Navy



A N Clark

HMS Tiger
A W Fill HMS Caesar
S R Hawker HMS Revenge
C G Hawker HMS Aurora
T Lambert HMS Telemachus
Frank Lanfear Devonport
Albert Mills HMS Benbow
A E Neal HMS Concord
V Pritchard Devonport
C Pearson HMS Marlborough
A T Stinchcombe HMS Faulkner
H J Underdown HMS Valient
A H Baylis HMS Queen Elizabeth
A W Prewett HMS Benbow
A E Exell HMS Canada
R A Williams HMS Leander
W C Jefferies Shotley
H H Fudge Killingholme
H E Knight Flamborough Head
 In the Army 
Lce-Cpl P A Baylis In Mesopotamia
Pte S C Clark In Mesopotamia
Pte R H Dagger In Mesopotamia
Pte A W Honeybourne In Mesopotamia
Pte E C Howell In Mesopotamia
Pte J Mills In Mesopotamia
Pte W Pearce In Mesopotamia
Pte H Skuse In Mesopotamia
Pte H C Williams In Mesopotamia
Pte F T Watkins In Mesopotamia
Trooper W Lambert In Egypt
Lce-Cpl H Trayhurn In Egypt
Trooper H H Parsons In Egypt
Corpl F G Symes In Egypt
Driver H Prewett In Egypt
Gunner Taylor In Egypt
Corpl A Dixon In Egypt
Corpl R C Phelps In Egypt
Pte J L Panting In Egypt
Driver George Vizard In Egypt
Pte H J Worsley In Egypt
Pte T Exell In Egypt
Pte C R Ford In Egypt
S.S.M. Garrett In Egypt
2nd A.M. S H Gayner In Egypt
Pte W G Rabley In India
Pte E Collins In India
Pte W Driver In India
Pte H Long In India
Sergt Hubert Brock In India
Lce-Cpl W L Richmond In India
Bombdr D E Beszant At Salonica
Pte C Ball At Salonica
Pte J H Williams At Salonica
Pte S A Smith At Salonica
Pte H Symes At Salonica
Bombdr W Thorne At Salonica
Pte W M Ford At Salonica
Pte H Gill At Salonica
Pte A Purnell At Salonica
Pte A Walker At Malta
Pte A E Phelps At Malta
Pte D J Cullimore In Italy
Corpl H F Taylor In Italy
Lce-Cpl J H Avery In France
Pte Edward Allen In France
Pte B Ball In France
Pte C Ball In France
Pte E A Boyt In France
Sergt R Burchell In France
Par E Burchell In France
Corpl R Baylis In France
Sergy B R Baylis In France
Sapper H L Baylis In France
Driver S Beszant In France
Gunner A E Burrows In France
Corpl F G Brooks In France
Lce-Cpl S C Brooks In France
Pte A J Barge In France
Trooper W Billett In France
Lce-Cpl T Barton In France
Pte P Cooper In France
Pte H E Cooper In France
Gunner R Clark In France
Sapper G Cook In France
Sapper W Champion In France
Lce-Cpl Clutterbuck In France
Pte Cripps In France
Driver A T Collins In France
Driver W. H. Cullimore In France
Gunner G H Clark In France
Regt QMS R Champion In France
Pte W J Carter In France
Driver B H Dayman In France
Pte W J English In France
Sapper E English In France
Pte E English In France
Pte H H Exell In France
Sapper G Ford In France
Pte Walter Ford In France
Pte T E Ford In France
Pte Harry Ford In France
Pte S E Grant In France
Pte H Gallop In France
Sergt R C Gayner In France
Corpl W Gallop In France
Driver R Gale In France
Lce-Cpl A Gill In France
Gunner J P Honeyborne In France
Pte J A Harris In France
Pte C E Hopkins In France
Lce-Cpl F Hill In France
Driver N S Higgins In France
Pte W G Harris In France
Pte C Hopkins In France
Driver A Higgins In France
Driver E Huckle In France
Pte F E Hurcombe In France
Pnr T A Iles In France
Lce-Cpl C H Jefferies In France
Signaller F Jefferies In France
Trooper C H Jefferies In France
Trooper A W Jefferies In France
Lt E Knapp In France
Pte W Longman In France
Sapper H E Liddiatt In France
Gunner H Liddiatt In France
Corpl W Liddiatt In France
Lce-Sergt Longden In France
Pte S Long In France
Pte S J Lewis In France
Sergt E T Lanfear In France
Sapper N Lanfear In France
Pte W Lambert In France
Driver H H Mills In France
Troop A Mundy In France
Pte F Messenger In France
Gunner E Messenger In France
Driver D H Mahagan In France
Sergt C A Ongley In France
Pte C Spencer-Palmer In France
Driver C F Parsons In France
Corpl W H Phillips In France
Pte H Pearce In France
Sapper F Poole In France
Lce-Cpl W J Poole In France
Drummer C W Poole In France
Pte W Poole In France
Sapper H E Poole In France
Sergt C Prewett In France
Pte W Peters In France
Pte J Phelps In France
Sapper G Pritchard In France
Pte L Riddiford In France
Pte A Riddiford In France
Sapper A Reeves In France
Pte F W Rugman In France
Driver V C Rugman In France
Pte H Rugman In France
Sergt E G Roach In France
Pte Tom Riddiford In France
Pte W Rugman In France
Pte Thomas Sansum In France
Pte A H Symes In France
Pte H Stockden In France
Sapper J Stockden In France
Pte W C Shepherd In France
Pte G Smart In France
Staff Sergt C B Symes In France
Driver T Summers In France
Private C Skuse In France
Pte A Sealy In France
Pte A Trayhurn In France
Pte J Thorne In France
Lce-Cpl W Trayhurn In France
Pte Herbert Thomas In France
Pte R Thorne In France
Pte R Trayhurn In France
Driver A W Thompson In France
Sapper H C Trayhurn In France
Corpl W J Vaughan In France
Pte H J Webster In France
C.M.S. J R Wilcox In France
Pte Edward G Watts In France
Pte F Williams In France
Pte V C Yarnold In France
Lce-Cpl R H Yarnold In France
On home service
Pte A H Alsop Colchester
Pte A Ashcroft Cornwall
Pte W Brooks London
Pte Harry Brock Maidstone
O.S.A J Bartlett Blandford
Gunner Thomas Brock Huddersfield
Gunner E R Beames Weymouth
Pte A Cullimore Aldershot
Pte E F Cripps Clacton on Sea
Pte A Cook Birmingham
Pte M Dixon Didcot Camp
Lce-Cpl T W Dayman Spreyton, Devon
Gunner G Davis Ripon
Pte W Driver Clacton on Sea
Pte A Ford Mansfield Potts
Pte R C Fowler S. Cliffe, Kent
Pte J W Gibson Clacton on Sea
Corpl H Gallop Salisbury
Cadet Godfrey Hall Newton Ferrers
Gunner F J Hall Aldershot
Gunner F Harris Lydd Camp, Kent
Driver W Henson London
Pte R Horsman
Pte R E Knapp Hounslow
Pte Percy Liddiatt Southampton
Pte J J Longman Northumberland
Pte E Murray Northumberland
Gunner A Maishment Sheffield
Pte H Northover Salisbury Plain
Sapper N Nation Aldershot
R.S.MJ. Oates Grantham
C.Q.M.S. Pegg Clacton on Sea
Pte A Perkins Winchester
Pte A Penduck Blackpool
Sapper G V Poole Bristol
Corpl W Prosser Tidworth
Sapper S Phipps Sandwich
Lce-Cpl J Radford Clacton on Sea
Pte C W Riddiford London
2nd A.M. F Sainsbury Edinburgh
Pte E Smith Walton on Naze
Pte T Strong Bulford Camp
Pte W H Salisbury Northumberland
1st A.M. Ewart Savery Grantham
Cadet P Symes Cambridge
Pte S C Shepherd Warwick
Pte W C Savery Prescott
Pte J Smith West Lavington
Pte W Tilley Ireland
Pte E H Thurston Blackpool
Pte A R Thurston Salisbury Plain
Pte J Thomason Deal
Q.S. H Talbot Blandford
Pte R Thurston Catterick Camp
Pte R Underhill Salisbury Plain
Pte T Underhill High Wycombe
Pte A Warren Shoreham on Sea
Pte F Vizzard
Bombdr G Walker High Wycombe
J Wilcox Aldershot
Pte R Williams Salisbury Plain
Pte A Wilkes IOW
Bombdr F Walkley New Maldon
Pte H Williams Bristol
Lce-Cpl J Williams Lincolnshire