The BS35 Local is a community based magazine circulated in the Thornbury area.  From early 2011 to Summer 2016 the magazine had regular short articles about items of local history written by members of the Thornbury & District Museum Research Group.  From November 2016 articles were written for the Parish Magazine.

We have included these articles in Thornbury Roots to make them available to people living outside Thornbury or those people who may have missed the original article.  Please click on the link in the Title column to download any particular article.

Date of Issue Title

Includes particular mention of

December 2017 Detecting History John Champion’s school
October 2017 Dunkirk Edward Mills Grace
June 2017 The Sad Case of Charity Hogg Hannah Davis & Harriet Davis
March 2017 Thornbury Nimbys Thornbury  Workhouse
November 2016 There’s a cow in my parlour Ursula Chitts
July 2016 The Somme  William Noel Hodgson
June 2016 The Saw Mills Edmund Cullimore, Charles Reeves, Frances Grace, Edmund Mills Grace
May 2016 The two Ronnies and ……… Who?  Lionel Riddiford, Shen & Stokefield Close
April 2016 Wedding Bells
 Molly Summers, David Cogswell Owens, Austin Hodges, Edwin & Joanna Murphy
March 2016 Charley Davis, the builder
 Charley Davis
February 2016 Local Soldier killed in Afghanistan
 Lieutenant Hector Maclaine