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We have collected a great deal of information about almost all of the various properties in Castle Street in Thornbury.  For purely practical reasons to do with making the information more accessible we have elected to divide the street into the east side and west side.  You can read more about any of the houses in the street by clicking on the appropriate  link on this page.  Once you have done so, should you need to look at a house on the other side of the street you may need to return to this page (possibly by using the link on the bottom of the side bar ) or use the search box to look for a house or family by name.

A group of researchers from Thornbury Museum was already working on the history of the buildings in Castle Street and the families associated with them before Thornbury Roots published this part of the website.  This group; Meg Wise, Roger Howell and Liz Wilkins have generously shared the information, photographs and copies of deeds that they collected. We would like to express our gratitude for their efforts and  for the helpfulness of the householders of Castle Street, especially local resident and historian, Ann Riddiford, who passed on a lot of information via Roger Howell.

Thornbury Roots would like to apologise for any errors here or elsewhere on the site and we welcome corrections and additions.

Castle Street, or Church Street as it was sometimes known, is part of the original main street of Thornbury.  At one time it was just known as High Street and not considered to be a separate street from the main street that still runs into the town from the south down as far as The Plain where the pump is.  The route description for the 1841 census for example talks of following the route “down the west side of the High Street to and including the Castle”.  The route descriptions for the 1851 and 1861 censuses are almost identical but that of 1871 refers specifically to High Street and then Castle Street.

These days the term Castle Street includes the houses from The Plain at the bottom of the High Street down  to the Castle and Church.  It contains many of Thornbury’s oldest and most interesting buildings.

Some of the buildings have clear signs of mediaeval origins but the older records are rare and difficult to interpret.  Reliable records are sometimes available only from Victorian times and in some cases we have been unable to trace much further back than that.  We would welcome any additional material and would like to stress that this is an ongoing project.  The deeds held by the owners of the houses are the best source of information and we would always welcome a chance to see them.

We have a poem about Castle Street written by an evacuee who very much enjoyed her time there.  Click here to read it