Mop Fair

During the course of our researches we have come across a variety of interesting aspects of history that do not fall into an obvious category.  We are including these on this page to try and tempt you into reading about some of the things that have fascinated us.

Schools – we have details of lots of schools known to have operated in Thornbury from the 1790s onwards.  These have been divided into two groups:

Sport – in researching the history of Thornbury we have come across snippets of information relating to various sports played in and around the town during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  Click here to read more

Pubs – we have a page of links to the pages providing a brief hisoroy of the Thornbury pubs, both past and present.  Click here to read more

Historical Accounts – we are fortunate to have collected a number of historical accounts of Thornbury and the neighbouring area that describe life there at specific periods in time.  Click here to read more

Historical Street Names – the streets of Thornbury have changed their names over the years which sometimes makes it confusing for people researching their families in census and other records.  Read More

BS35 and Parish Magazine articles – we have made available copies of the short articles published each month in the local BS35 Local and the Thornbury Parish  Magazine.  Click here to read more

Coroner’s Inquests – records extracted from the records of Coroners Inquests held at Gloucester Archives which relate to people living in Thornbury 1855 – 1874.  Read More

Charities.  Thornbury still has a Thornbury Town Trust which is an amalgamation of charitable bequests left to its citizens over the centuries.  This is now a Registered Charity with seven trustees, three nominated by the Town Coun