We have listed the following entries in the Gloucester Archives relating to Coroners Inquests involving people from Thornbury.  It is a long list, so it is recommended that you search it using your browser ‘Find on this page’ facility.

Date Name Notes Reference
1855 Sarah Greenwood Sarah Greenwood, Thornbury – visitation of God CO1/I/1/B/20
1855 Henry Knight Henry Knight, Thornbury shoemaker – apoplexy CO1/I/1/B/30
1855 – 1875 John Russell John Russell, Thornbury labourer – visitation of God (congestion of lungs) CO1/I/17/B/17
1855 John Walters Aged 72, Thornbury workhouse CO1/I/1/B/9
1855 John Watkins Sgt Taylor – death of John Watkins, Thornbury Asylum (addressed Joyner Ellis) CO1/N/1/13
1856 Albert Cole George Ponting, surgeon re: death of Albert Cole aged 1.5 years, Thornbury CO1/N/2/B/56
1856 Henry Cole Henry Cole aged 40, Thornbury – visitation of God (burst blood vessel in brain) CO1/I/2/B/20
1856 John Cole John Cole aged 2, Thornbury – visitation of god (congestion of lungs) CO1/I/2/B/9
1856 William Harvey Sgt Rawle re: William Harvey, aged 66, Thornbury surgeon (suspicion that he had committed suicide) – visitation of God (softening of brain) CO1/N/2/C/39 & CO1/I/2/C/13
1856 Sarah Hughes Sgt Rawle re: Sarah Hughes widow aged 79 or 80, Thornbury, son-in-law shoemaker – visitation of God (congestion of lungs) CO1/N/2/A/28 & CO1/I/2/A/22
1856 James White & Edward Howell Sgt Rawle re: James White and Edward Howell, Thornbury (note: the catalogue entry suggests that they were children, but at least in terms of Edward Howell this is incorrect) CO1/N/2/A/34
1856 Robert Pearce England Robert Pearce England, Thornbury – visitation of God (rupture of blood vessel in lungs) CO1/I/2/B/21
1857 George Cullimore Sgt Arthur re: George Cullimore aged 4, Thornbury  CO1/N/3/A/23