The streets of Thornbury have changed their names over the years which sometimes makes it confusing for people researching their families in census and other records.

Please note that Castle Street was considered part of the High Street in the 1841 Census.  From the 1851 Census the houses were listed under Castle Street, although High Street continued to be used on legal documents referring to properties in what we now know as Castle Street for much longer.

St John Street – in the 1841 – 1861 Censuses, all the street was called St John Street or John Street.  Then in the 1871 Census, the eastern part of St John Street became known as Pullins Green.  We have found deeds which refer to ‘St John Street’ where the property is clearly in what we would call ‘Rock Street’ today.

See the table below for some other examples we have encountered.

Old Name Current name


Back Street St Mary Street The old name reflected that it ran along the back of the houses in Front Street.  In 1841 and 1851 Censuses the name of Back Street seems to include the properties in Outer Back Street (now Rock Street).  From then onwards the name Back Street seems to have been given to the top end of what is now all St Mary Street, as both names appear in the 1851 and 1861 Census.  It appears to be Back Street from the top down to the junction with Horse Shoe Lane/Soapers Lane.  By the 1871 Census and thereafter all the street was named St Mary Street although it has continued to be called Back Street by some locals.
Backchurch Lane Park Road see also Gas Works Lane below.
Bells Cross The Plain Several indentures of late 18th and 19th century refer to ‘a place known as Bells Cross or The Plain’.  Sometimes it was spelled ‘The Plane’.
Blakes Avenue Crispin Lane In 1901 this was the name given to Mutton Lane. It was changed to Crispin Lane at some time in the 1900’s.
Bulls Lane, Bulgars Lane, Balseys Lane,
Bullseys Lane or
Bulls Eye Lane

Bullwell Street Lane
Bath Road In the 1841- 1861 Censuses  Bulls Lane was used.  In 1871 it seems to be called Lower Bath Road and in 1881 both Bulls Lane and Lower Bath Road exist.  In 1891 and 1901 both Lower Bath Road and Bulls Eye Lane exist. 
Burgage Hill Gillingstool Early name for Gillingstool Hill
Chipping Street Silver Street Early Name
Church Lane Church Road and Eastland Road Early name for the lane which ran from the Church towards Easton Hill.
Colwell Street The Plain  In 1841 &#