This page provides links to what we know about the history of Thornbury pubs:

 Present Day pubs

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west-country-beers2Old Pubs and Beerhouses

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  • Bathing Place – George Henry Exell was listed in a Trade Directory for 1869 as running the beerhouse ‘The Bathin Place’ which allowed customers to have refreshments whilst bathing.
  • Beaufort Arms – there were two pubs known by this name.  The first pub called the Beaufort Arms was located at 67 High Street.  It had previously been known as The Cock and then The New Inn.  It became the Beaufort Arms from about 1842 to 1847 when it closed.  The name was transferred to a new location at 57 High Street where it traded from 1847 to 1882.
  • Black Lion – it traded under that name from 1862 to 1883.  It was previously known as the White Hart from 1858 to 1862.  The property is now known as The Lion House at 9 Castle Street.
  • Cock Inn – located at 67 High Street.  It traded there under that name from at least 1739 to 1810.  It changed its name to the New Inn and then the Beaufort Arms which closed in 1882.