Gas & Electricity showroom

Gas & Electricity Showroom

Thornbury Rural District Council announced that from 21st December 1903 it would apply to the Board of Trade for the necessary powers to generate and supply electricity to Thornbury.  These powers would enable the Council to acquire the necessary land and to take up roads and pavements in order to lay electric cables.   The plan produced at the time indicated the firm intention to supply electricity to all of central Thornbury.  The area to be covered is marked in blue on the map below.  The plan seemed very ambitious but we have not yet traced what actually happened as a result of this decision.  It does not seem to have brought about any immediate action.

Map of proposed electricity installation

It seems that large private houses had their own electricity supplies long before the town had a public supply.  We know from looking at the applications for exemption from the First World War that are held in Gloucestershire Archives that George Cook of John Street was not only gardener for Captain Bennet at the Parks but that he was also employed to work the electric light plant there and had been doing so for five years before 1916 when he completed the application.  The same applications show that George Taylor of Castle Street was employed on similar terms by Lady Jenkinson (he had previously been employed at her Eastwood Park home to run the gas plant there).

It appears to have been left to private enterprise to take practical steps to bring elect