We have collected a huge amount of information which relates to individuals and families who are connected to Thornbury.  Sometimes we have created webpages dedicated to individuals or to different generations of the family.  Sometimes the information is merely included in an account of the owners or occupants of a particular property.  For this reason the best way to  look for one particular person or family is simply to use the search box that appears on every page.

Your search will produce more helpful results if you use inverted commas around the name – for example “Robert Thurston”.   This will reduce the number of hits to a sensible number.  If you fail to find the person you are looking for, then just use the surname, and be aware that there might be different spellings of that name.



We are extremely fortunate in that we have been given access to several wonderful albums of  family photos as well as lots of fascinating photographs of individuals.  Please see the Gallery on the menu bar for photo albums of families and of groups of people or

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We would always be very grateful for any more contributions.  Please contact us using the email address given near the bottom of the Home page if you feel you may have a photograph that we could use.